Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ginger Beer
Sssss! That’s the sound of the bottle lid opening for the fizzy, sugary ginger beer. This has been made by BM and GL. The ingredients we used were water, sugar, lemons and two bottles to put it in. We first made a ginger bug, we fed it ginger and sugar every day, then we mixed lemon juice and water then heated it up. It turns out to be ready for an explosion rather quickly because of the gas that was building up inside the ginger beer bottle. It was suppose to stay in the bottle for a week but we’re going to have to drink it in two days because it might have exploded if we left it. It tasted very sugary and smelt very gassy.


  1. How smart you are making your own ginger beer, am pleased you drank it before it exploded, could have been rather messy. I love ginger beer, it is really good to drink if you have a unsettled tummy I think.

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  3. That was funny when you opened that ginger bear garth J.c

  4. Hi BM and GL very nice photo of the ginger bug and hope you enjoyed making the ginger beer and mixing. i liked the taste of the ginger beer

    see u soon


  5. That must of been really interesting making the ginger beer.I was really nice.


  6. hi B.M and G.L that ginger beer was vevry tasty