Thursday, July 29, 2010

BM's holiday

We went on a skiing trip
Me, Mum, Aunty and Holly
The weather was horrid
We weren’t very jolly.

We got a new puppy
Bella is a spoodle
She has beautiful long eyelashes
And acts like a little noodle.

We went to the movies in Botany
We watched Shrek Forever After
With Rumple Stiltskin, Fiona and Shrek
It was happily ever after.

I went to Brooklyn’s birthday
We played lots of fun games
Me, Anna, Emma, Kelly, T and Brooklyn
Our fun nearly ended up in flames.

NS's Holiday Rhymes

My Holiday Rhymes
On Wednesday I went to Rainbows End`
The Invader was my favourite ride
It twirled and whirled
And I felt enormous pride!

I went to the movies
To watch Toy Story 3
Andy went to college
And the toys were set free!

I went to MOTAT
The Museum of Transport and Technology
I had so much fun
It was good psychology!

Gareth came over
To sleep the night
We watched scary movies
He got a great fright!

Zs's holiday verse

I went to a sleepover at Mitchell’s
And we had fun and games
It was very exciting
And we called each other names
my Holiday

The movie we saw was Karate Kid
It was cool and groovy!
Why didn’t we see it earlier
It was such an exciting movie

We arrived at MOTAT
And played in the Tactile Dome
With gooey corn flour and water
And then it was time to go home

We visited Tauranga
And for a sail at sea
Because it was blowing 50 knots
We went for a cup of tea

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bs animation

I think that designing my animation clip was really exciting and I think that I will try to do another one but trickier

by bm

Astro Animation

Last week our class designed different animation clips using kidpix. Our group mixed our names together to make "Astro". This is the first animation we have created and we are keen to design some more trickier ones.

SP and AH