Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My book that i will review for you today is...
Ugenia Lavander!!!written by Geri Halliwell. Ugenia stars in alot of books like: Temple of Gloom,The One And Only and the book I am reviewing for your is the Burning Pants.The characters are: Her mum Pandora, her dad who pretty much dose everything! Her dog lucky, whos SO cute! and her best friends are Bronte, Crazy Trevor and Rudy.
That was SPS news at six! come back tomorrow for another awesome book review!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Room18 `s TAONGA
We interviewed a couple of people in our class. We asked if their house was on fire, what Would They Save?
Out of the class we chose 4 people`s treasures. Most people chose their Pets like Guinnea Pigs to Dogs to Rabbits and to Cats. They were all very cute and we enjoyed our writing because lots of them came to visit our class. We hope you enjoy our writing.

A.H I would save my puppies’ because they are part of my family and because they're only babies’ so if they were left in the disaster they would have a short life.
B.V.U decided to save his dog’s collar because his Dalmatian was the closest thing to him. Sadly she died on April 26th 2oo9. B.V.U’s dog had been with him since he was born.
D.H would save his pigs because they are family D.H is very talkative HA!

N.S would save his remote control car because he’s had it for 2 years. He would hate to lose it.

Thanks for reading.

Shelly Park Cricket Game

Shelly Park and Cockle Bay face to face on the cricket field. We flipped a coin to see who bats first. Mr Rolfe flips the coin Craig picks heads, But It Was Elephants Bottom!!! So Cockle Bay picks got to pick out of Bating or Fielding. They chose to field. First up on our side to bat is Craig (Granny) and Richard (Greeny). Craig hits one run. Then Richard did a big swing but no ding and then BANG! The right bail was hit, he’s out! 10 Minutes later. Dane is up and he’s ready and confer dint he is going to hit a 4 or a 6.Then SMACK! Dane hits a 4!!!Campbell Mr Rolfe said your bating. Campbell hit the ball and made two runs. A new bowler is up and Campbell is the first one to face him. He bowls it’s a little off target and then OWW!!!! The hard ball hits my knees! Mr Rolfe called Campbell over and said game over, Shelly Park WON!!!!!