Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shelly Park Cricket Game

Shelly Park and Cockle Bay face to face on the cricket field. We flipped a coin to see who bats first. Mr Rolfe flips the coin Craig picks heads, But It Was Elephants Bottom!!! So Cockle Bay picks got to pick out of Bating or Fielding. They chose to field. First up on our side to bat is Craig (Granny) and Richard (Greeny). Craig hits one run. Then Richard did a big swing but no ding and then BANG! The right bail was hit, he’s out! 10 Minutes later. Dane is up and he’s ready and confer dint he is going to hit a 4 or a 6.Then SMACK! Dane hits a 4!!!Campbell Mr Rolfe said your bating. Campbell hit the ball and made two runs. A new bowler is up and Campbell is the first one to face him. He bowls it’s a little off target and then OWW!!!! The hard ball hits my knees! Mr Rolfe called Campbell over and said game over, Shelly Park WON!!!!!


  1. Great cricket skills boys. Have you been watching the tests between Australia and New Zealand? Is really good to see New Zealand win. I loved the game when New Zealand and Australia drew and they had to go into an extra super over - Tim Southee is an amazing bowler.

  2. I enjoyed reading this report. It was very realistic the way you wrote "Oww" and said the hard ball hit your knees. Painful! Remember to use initials (first letter of first name and first letter of surname) when you publish work on a blog.