Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Room18 `s TAONGA
We interviewed a couple of people in our class. We asked if their house was on fire, what Would They Save?
Out of the class we chose 4 people`s treasures. Most people chose their Pets like Guinnea Pigs to Dogs to Rabbits and to Cats. They were all very cute and we enjoyed our writing because lots of them came to visit our class. We hope you enjoy our writing.

A.H I would save my puppies’ because they are part of my family and because they're only babies’ so if they were left in the disaster they would have a short life.
B.V.U decided to save his dog’s collar because his Dalmatian was the closest thing to him. Sadly she died on April 26th 2oo9. B.V.U’s dog had been with him since he was born.
D.H would save his pigs because they are family D.H is very talkative HA!

N.S would save his remote control car because he’s had it for 2 years. He would hate to lose it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Am really pleased you would rescue your cute pets, I would definately do the same, especially our silly fluffy Joey cat he always ends up getting caught in the wrong places. Cute guinea pig!!!

  2. I would grab my photo albums and my jewelery. They are of huge sentimental value. I don't have any pets!

  3. I'd save my fluffy pup Baxter and I'd definitely help A.H. save those cute babies. Well done Room 18. I enjoyed your post. Keep up the great work. I hope you enjoyed camp! I'll watch your blog closely for the next installments.