Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking your pencil for a walk.

We did our art in an interesting way. Close your eyes. With one finger trace around your eye...over your eyebrow...once again around your eye....over your the top of your nose ...down your nose...around your nostril and your other nostril...go down to the top of your lip...go down to your jaw...slide up to your ear...go across the top of your your other ear..and down to your chin! Do you know what you just did??? Anyone?No?Anyone? OK You just made a potrait of yourself in an interesting way. For the last touch colour in with bright pastels and adding hair is optional. Guess what... the faces don't look like us! You just took your pencil for a walk!

BY... M.F J.M J.B


  1. I liked the peace of writing that you did


  2. That is such a interesting way of doing a piece of art. I tried at school and mine looked crazy!!!!