Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Ketes!

“Arrgggg... It’s so hard” we said well we were trying to get the wool through the needle. We were making awesome ketes. There were lots of different colours to choose from. We chose orange and brown... awesome colours! We sewed shells and paua on, and then we made patterns out of the wool. It was great fun. It was very loud when we were drilling holes in the shells, but it was worth it because when we finished our ketes they looked magnificent. Mrs Hensley gun stapled them onto a blue wall and that just made them look better. A kete is a woven flax bag that the Maori used. They put treasures in the bag.
By MG & TS.


  1. I have visited your class and think you ketes look amazing. What a great idea having a special place to keep your treasures and then at the end of the year you will have your own room 18 treasure. Do you have anything in your kete yet?

  2. Those are some cool ketes guys J.C

  3. I really like the ketes. I would have blown my head off if I did't have a teacher's help...